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Dr. Patel was recently featured on the AdventHealth blog in an article titled "PSA Screenings: An Important Choice for Men." This article centers around a recent researched-based recommendation that men with the BRCA2 gene mutation get a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) screening starting at age 40 due to increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

In the blog post, Dr. Patel discusses how in recent years PSA screenings have become somewhat controversial and confusing for patients and physicians. This unfortunately has led to an increase nationwide of more significant prostate cancer being diagnosed. Some of these patients, including those with the BRCA2 mutation, have advanced disease that could have been found earlier with PSA screenings. Dr. Patel highlights the importance of genetic testing after a prostate cancer diagnosis so that men know if they have an increased likelihood of a more aggressive cancer.

To read the entire article, visit https://www.adventhealth.com/hospital/adventhealth-orlando/blog/psa-screenings-important-choice-men.

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