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GRI Physicians Represent A Global Standard of Achievement

GRI doctors represent a global standard of achievement, practice evidence-based medicine, and make significant contributions to the field of robotic surgery on a global, academic level. GRI houses only those who are worldwide leaders in their field.

All GRI Physicians must meet the following criteria for membership:

  • Associate Member                                         
    • 5 years after completion of training
    • Demonstration of commitment in performing robotic-assisted surgery
    • Recognition by major honors, awards, and prizes in education and research
    • Committee membership and governance position in local, regional and national professional societies
    • 2 publications of research reports in the field of robotic surgery or minimally invasive surgery (MIS) in refereed journals
    • Demonstrated evidence of being on review boards of scientific publications as well as invitations to review manuscripts for high impact journals
    • Leadership in the design and content of major courses in medical, allied health and graduate curriculum
    • Outstanding letters of recommendation from leaders in the field
    • Meets specialty surgical volume requirements


  • Full Member
    • Should have achieved superior stature in his or her field
    • Continued scholarly publications- 40 publications are typical with first or senior author on 1/3
    • 5 or more publications of research reports in high-impact refereed journals
    • Contributions to books and teaching materials
    • Leadership role in significant scientific organizations
    • Membership on scientific advisory panels
    • Recognized by peers nationally and internationally as evidenced by letters
    • Extensive presentations at scholarly meetings regionally, nationally and internationally
    • Invited lecturer at major universities and major scientific societies
    • Leadership role in health organizations such as medical director
    • Leadership role in the design and implementation of educational programs
    • Leadership in the development and presentation of CME
    • Documented awards or prizes for research, teaching or service
    • Meets specialty surgical volume requirements