GRI Featured on 24-Hour Live Surgical Event

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On May 23, 2016, GRI’s Dr. Patel and Dr. Holloway participated in the Worldwide Robotic Surgery 24 Hour Event (WRSE). The live event featured 20 live surgeries broadcast around the world.

It showcased top surgeons and their teams from 15 leading robotic surgery centers across five continents. Each center is chosen for its contributions to the development and enhancement of excellence in medical robotics.

"GRI is proud to have participated in these annual events since they began in 2013," states Dr. Patel. "Surgical robotic technologies are advancing rapidly, driven by new techniques in pockets around the world. These live events not only help share best practices among established surgeons, they are also a great platform for showcasing the technology to surgical trainees."

Audience members viewed the robotic-assisted procedure through the internal camera used during the procedure. They also heard narration from the doctors and posed questions to the surgical team via twitter in real-time. Although this type of surgical learning is common in closed medical conferences, WRSE opens them up to a wider medical and public audience.

"I find the event refreshing," adds Dr. Holloway. "The larger audience, many from outside the discipline, brings with it different perspectives and questions we don’t always hear. Interacting with them opens your eyes to how people are viewing this revolutionary medical technology. More and more I feel they understand the important role surgical robotics is playing in the advancement of modern healthcare."

June 19, 2016

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