Florida Hospital Physician Invents New Surgical Tool That Bears His Name

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Two-thirds of hysterectomies are done with an open incision, but one inventive surgeon has come up with a new surgical tool to help others perform a minimally invasive robotic hysterectomy more safely and easily. Dr. Arnold Advincula, Medical Director of Benign Gynecologic Robotics at the Global Robotics Institute at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, collaborated to create this device after seeing a need for better uterine access while performing a minimally invasive (robotic or laparoscopic) hysterectomy. The Advincula Arch is the result of a five year collaboration between Dr. Advincula and Cooper Surgical, Inc., the device manufacturer. Dr. Advincula wanted to create a more durable, safer and functional device with better access than other relatively similar devices that are currently on the market. After several prototypes, the Advincula Arch is different from any other that currently exists.

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