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Blueprint for Men’s Health

The Global Robotics Institute is proud to offer the Blueprint for Men’s Health prostate cancer survivorship program. The program is a multidisciplinary guide to help patients through post-surgery recovery and the physical, emotional and psychological effects of both the disease and treatment. Patients will receive personalized resources and support ranging from specific follow-up care to valuable education on optimizing long-term post-surgery health.

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Learn More About Blueprint for Men's Health

Led by Dr. Vipul Patel, the Blueprint for Men’s Health team includes highly qualified and experienced clinicians and support staff ready to provide world class care to our patients and families. Patients receive comprehensive, personalized care plans that may include services outside of the Global Robotics Institute, such as sexual function therapy, nutrition, physical activity, complementary medicine and other community resources. Most insurance plans consider survivorship care as a necessary step for individuals who have received cancer treatment. Before your first appointment, we recommend that you check with your insurance company to review your personal coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. The Blueprint for Men’s Health program is provided at our facility in Celebration, Florida in association with AdventHealth Celebration.

Meet Our Blueprint for Men’s Health Team

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Portrait of Dr. Marc Barcenas

Marc Barcenas ACNP-BC

Clinic Director, Blueprint for Men’s Health

A Portrait of Alicia Morales

Alicia Morales

Survivorship Support Coordinator, Blueprint for Men's Health

Headshot of Jackie Schueler

Jackie Schueler

Community Relations Coordinator and Program Support

Maintaining Optimal Health As You Age

Patel’s Plan for Health and Longevity

You set high standards for yourself, but do you know exactly what steps you need to take to get there?

What if you had a detailed, comprehensive prescription to guide your long-term health? A plan backed by a team of expert medical professionals in one of the most advanced and innovative healthcare facilities. This plan would allow you to take proactive steps for your health with confidence, knowing that you have the information and guidance to meet your goals.

Our Health Assessment Plan, led by Dr. Vipul Patel, provides a great opportunity to understand, improve, and maintain your health. Dr. Patel is a foremost authority on men’s health and a pioneer in the field of prostate cancer and urology. Throughout his distinguished career, he has continued to focus on long-term men’s health for patients through his expert care. Emphasizing whole person health – mind, body, and spirit – together with AdventHealth Celebration, Dr. Patel is passionate about putting you on the path to optimal health.

The Health Assessment Plan is for discerning individuals who are passionate about investing in themselves. It is an efficient and comprehensive health analysis program. You will undergo dozens of the most effective preventive screening tests available. In addition to these screenings, you’ll also receive fitness evaluations, targeted diagnostic testing, as well as a review of any current medications and supplements. These tests will provide a clear view of your current overall health. We will work together to establish a personalized plan to ensure your continued health, goals for your future, and the steps necessary to take you there. The program’s purpose is to provide a personal roadmap to a lifetime of greater health and wellness.

For more information on the Health Assessment Plan, download the brochure.