Surgeon and nurse around the da Vinci Robot in a surgery room
Surgeons Capable Of

The Highest Level of Performance

The Global Robotics Institute has a dedicated team focused on academia and learning. Thanks to our comprehensive research team and robust fellowship program, we continue to pave the way for new advancements in urologic oncology.

The research team at the Global Robotics Institute is committed to practicing evidence-based medicine. Our team has been published in multiple international journals and has authored several landmark articles in the field of urologic oncology. Learn more about our research team’s projects and trials here.

Our fellowship program focuses on both personal and professional development that ensures appropriate and safe patient care. The Global Robotics Institute fellowship program emphasizes a high-level focus on both surgery and research. The goal of our program is to produce a robotically-trained surgeon who is capable of a high level of performance. If you are a physician in training interested in our program, you can learn more here.

Together, da Vinci® surgery technology and your doctor have the ability to perform complex procedures through just a few small openings.
The GRI Clinical Fellowship team posing in a group on some stairs

Clinical Fellowships Program

The Global Robotics Institute is fully committed to developing bright urology residents with an interest in pursuing a career in urologic oncology. Located on the AdventHealth Celebration Health campus in a leading-edge environment, the 12- and 24-month fellowships provide excellent educational experiences. Fellowships begin on July 1 each year and provide a valuable educational experience that will result in peer-reviewed publications. You'll learn from one of the most advanced teams in the field as you continue your path into a urologic oncology specialty or sub-specialty.

Research and Clinical Trials

If research is the lifeblood of medicine, clinical trials are its heart. Together, they drive medicine forward and are behind all new medical advances and techniques.

Global Robotics Institute (GRI) is fully committed to this ideal. Yet, it only scratches the surface of why we maintain a staff of some of best physicians, clinicians and research specialists in the world. By tackling complex medical issues, we learn for ourselves why they exist and how we can move step-by-step closer to solving them. It also provides valuable insight into diseases and treatments. This enables us to ethically counsel patients about the goals and limits of treatments they may be considering.

We do not do this alone. We are among the world’s most experienced medical researchers, so it is our duty to also share the things we learn so that everyone may benefit. Clinical data collection, including comprehensive outcomes information, provides key information to help GRI and other medical institutes discover new medical breakthroughs.

In all of these important ways, our work at GRI supports the greater purpose of healing and enriching lives around the globe.

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