Dr Vipul Patel operating the Da Vinci Robot
Astounding Technology

Parallels Leonardo's Work

The depth of Leonardo da Vinci’s unprecedented understanding of human anatomy could likely parallel the sophistication of modern groundbreaking technology that enables a robotic arm to precisely translate the movements of a surgeon’s hands. This analogy led to the appropriate branding of the da Vinci® Robot.

This astounding technological advance is transforming conventional surgical practices by means of the da Vinci® surgery system. Minimally invasive treatment options now offer potential for superior post-operative function and cancer management outcomes. If you or someone you know is facing cancer surgery, learn more about the da Vinci® Robot and compare the benefits of robotic surgery to traditional surgical procedures.

About the da Vinci® Robot

Science for the 21st Century

A new era is dawning in surgical procedures thanks to the cutting edge technology of the da Vinci® Robot and the da Vinci® surgery system. This innovative robotics tool provides surgeons a minimally invasive application in which to perform complex surgeries.

Providing benefits to both patient and surgeon, the da Vinci® Robot combines remotely operated robotic arms equipped with minute surgical instruments and 3D real-time imaging to allow for an increased level of precision, versatility, and control in intricate surgical procedures. Advantageous to the patient, this advanced medical practice affords benefits of reduced pain, diminished scarring and complications, less blood loss, lower infection risk and faster recovery.

AdventHealth is Lighting the Way with da Vinci® Surgery Techniques

da Vinci® surgery using the da Vinci® Robot is accessible at AdventHealth, an international health care provider featuring world-renowned surgeons and facilities. This health services center is leading the medical community with state-of-the-art treatment options.

Together, da Vinci® surgery technology and your doctor have the ability to perform complex procedures through just a few small openings.
Doctor hugging a transplant patient in a large hallway, near a gurney.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Both the surgeon and the patient experience greatly improved benefits of robotic surgery, as compared to traditional laparoscopic or open procedures. Here are a few reasons why...

da Vinci® Surgery is Redefining the "Picture of Health"

Specially trained to perform surgeries utilizing robotic-assisted technology, AdventHealth doctors are raising the bar for gynecological and urological cancer treatment in North America.

Offering a variety of health services, AdventHealth is a modern health care center that strives to provide unrivaled patient care in a superior setting, to both local and international patients.

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